Energetic Source believes that we are duty bound to respect the environment. The Group allows its customers to make a clear commitment towards reducing environmental pollution and the attention paid by this to local communities by promoting a series of made-to-measure eco-marketing and communication initiatives.
The Energetic Source Group also displays its commitment to safeguarding the environment through its construction of generation plants which are based on the best technological standards and operate in full compliance with environmental laws and regulations.


The Energetic Source Group has always included and fostered the possibility for businesses and households to obtain their energy from renewable sources. Customers who choose this option are entitled to use the “100% Clean Energy” label and the certificate guaranteeing production from renewable sources free of charge.


Alongside the production of electricity by combined cycle plants having top-level standards of compliance with environmental legislation, the Energetic Source Group has always been actively involved in producing electricity from renewable hydroelectric and wind sources.


Energetic Source believes that the reduction of emissions is a duty for both businesses and residential customers. That is why in addition to encouraging the 100% supply of energy from renewable sources, it also fosters energy efficiency programs which enable an economic saving to be made as well as a better use of resources, to the benefit of the environment. Energetic Source has always promoted projects in favor of society through activities helping to encourage the development of the local areas in which it works. Through Energetic Source Luce & Gas, the company working in the retail market, the Group also endorses and fosters the arts and culture. In 2013 it successfully promoted the Energetic Source Luce & Gas art award, which enabled young emerging artists to make themselves known on the Italian and international art market.

Energetic Source believes in constructive dialogue with the institutions and with all the stakeholders involved in the market.

The Group takes part in key institutional working discussions on the reform of the energy sector, and through its management plays an active role as a member of the most important trade associations. The aim of this activity is to contribute to making the market increasingly efficient and increasingly free, in order to pass on the price and quality benefits of the service arising from genuine competition to the end customer.

A specific commitment has been made to conducting a highly effective and innovative collaboration with the leading consumers’ associations in Italy. The agreement and the collaboration arise from the value matrix which the Group uses to nurture its way of doing business. Encouraging the creation of a relationship of trust between the energy supplier and consumer is undoubtedly one of the primary factors in achieving the growth of a free and efficient market.

The objectives of the collaboration are wide-ranging. In addition to complying with the Consumers’ Code and the consumer protection measures of the Electricity, Gas and Water Authority, the Energetic Source Group is committed to complying with a “Code of Ethics” protecting the end customer, which is provided to sales agents and partners together with training at joint meetings, and to informing the associations in advance of any initiatives that may have a significant effect on the mass market clientele. And is moreover committed to transparency and propriety in any form of relationship between the Group and the citizen-consumer. This means that Energetic Source is specifically required to provide clear, understandable information. Protection is assured if there are any breaches in this sense. The material contribution made by the Group to collaboration is easy to see: people can count on the opening of a privileged channel for complaints or requests coming from the associations, which are ensured timeliness and proper procedures. One extremely sensitive point for users is unsolicited activation, a bad practice in which the industry has persevered for years and which the Energetic Source Group is committed to stamp out in practical terms through compliance with a voluntary self-regulation code (on the basis of Resolution 153/12 of the Electricity, Gas and Water Authority).