Presentation of the first Sustainability Report: a success!

05/10/2016 11:52:00 | News

3 October 2016 at Palazzo Clerici, Milan

The presentation of the first Sustainability Report of Energetic Source, held on Monday in the charming frame of Palazzo Clerici, has been a success both in terms of number of participants and interest.

Significant investments in social activities, that impacted on about 1.5 million people, have been the topics discussed during the morning, which saw a succession of important speakers on the stage: Hon. Ignazio Abrignani, Deputy Chairman Chamber of Deputies 10th Industry Committee, Mr. Antonio De Iesu, Milan Police Commissioner, Mr. Maurizio Vallone, Head of Local Area Control Service of the State Police,  Mr. Alberto Biancardi, member of AEEGSI and Chairman of WAREG and many others.

"Today it is an important day for Energetic Source - commented Carlo Bagnasco - our first Sustainability Report represents for us the start of a journey."




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