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The Italian Boxing Federation together with the Italian Badminton Federation and the Italian Weightlifting Federation, in conjunction with Energetic Source, have launched the #NOISIAMOENERGIA – Strength, Passion, Energy Communication Campaign towards Rio 2016. The aim of the Campaign is to spread  sports culture and motor activity starting out from the concept of the “team”, in line with the Italian Prime Minister’s 2014-2015 National Plan for the Promotion of Sports Activity. The press conference to promote the campaign was held in the auditorium of the Palazzo delle Federazioni in Viale Tiziano 74, Rome on 12 May.

Strength, Passion and Energy at the service of spreading sports culture and motor activity: that is the slogan of #noisiamoenergia. Honesty, Transparency, Morality and Reliability are the values in which Energetic Source sets its belief and invests in on a daily basis, and through which it intends to foster corporate responsibility projects to create a value shared at a local level.

Sport therefore becomes the primary vehicle for translating these values in the field through respect for the rules, a healthy and correct lifestyle and social integration based on the overcoming of barrier of all kinds. It is no coincidence that three notoriously individual sporting disciplines have decided to start out from the concept of the team, embracing the #noisiamoenergia campaign to become the spokesmen of key messages using a synergy between what are undoubtedly innovative federations.

The campaign will accompany the national teams of the individual federations on their path to the next Olympic Games, promoting the Sky Blue Jersey in various sporting and cultural events throughout Italy. Patronage and Social Partners: CONI - Roma Capitale – Department of Education, Sport, Youth Policies and Participation, Municipality of Assisi, Roma Tor Vergata University, Rimini Wellness 2015, Taormina Film Festival, ActionAid, Intersos, We World NPO, National Harassment and Drug Abuse Observatory; Sport Senza Frontiere Salvabebè Salvamamme NPO.

Authorities in the sports world took part in the event, the presidents of the three federations and champions of the three disciplines: Paolo Masini (Councillor for Education, Sport, Youth Policies and Participation), Roberto Fabbricini (General Secretary of CONI), Antonio Urso (FIPE – the Italian Weightlifting Federation), Alberto Miglietta (FIBa – the Italian Badminton Association), Walter Borghino (Vice-President of the FPI – the Italian Boxing Federation), Roberto Minerdo (Director of Institutional Relations, Communications and Marketing, Energetic Source), as did the three general secretaries of the federations (Tappa FPI, Esposito FiBa and Bonincontro FIPE).

A number of champions and coaches also took part such as Roberto Cammarelle, a gold medal winner in Beijing in 2008 and now Italy’s boxing team manager; Vincenzo Mangiacapre, a bronze medal winner for boxing in London in 2012; Giulia Fiorito, a badminton player #ProgettoGiovani duemila20e24; Luca Crippa, the team manager of Italy’s junior badminton team; the athletes of the FIPE Permanent Senior College, Genny Pagliaro and Mirco Scarantino, the athletes of the FIPE Permanent Junior College and the staff professionals Angelo Mannironi, Giovanni Scarantino, Massimiliano Rubino and Alessandro Ganzin.

Opening the proceedings, Miglietta, the FIBa president, stated: “The Light Blue Jersey of our national teams is central to this project. The difference in this idea lies in the close synergy between the three federations”. Urso, the FIPE president, spoke after Miglietta: “Energy is light blue like our competitive jerseys. I am very pleased with this collaboration between the other two federations and ourselves”. In his speech Borghini, the vice president of the FPI, discussed the importance of the collaboration between the federations from a synergic standpoint: “A project that envisages the union of three sporting bodies such as ours can only be of a winning nature. In addition, as far as the FPI is concerned, this all forms part of the path towards our centenary next year”. Fabbricini, the general secretary of CONI, also wished to emphasize the innovative thrust of this communications plan: “CONI can only applaud an initiative of this nature, because this is precisely the direction we traced out at the start of our term. The union can only create strength and produce energy”. Institutional speeches which were completed by Roberto Minerdo, who described the project in detail and expressed his hope that other federations would also join in: “Our campaign is open to everyone, because it is designed to bring young people closer to sport, as stated in the government’s program”.

Roberto Cammarelle spoke in the name of all the athletes present when he said: “We sports people live on energy. We sports people are energy”.

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