Energetic Source says yes to Legality

06/10/2016 03:10:00 | News

Carlo Bagnasco at the seminar "Impresa e Società tra Sicurezza,Sviluppo e Legalità"

Carlo Bagnasco spoke today in Rome together with Mr. Raffaele Cantone at the seminar "Impresa e Società tra Sicurezza,Sviluppo e Legalità".

There have been several discussions regarding legality and security, elements that, in a time of crisis like the present one, are essential to restructure and make new assumptions but also to give new business strategies: "The safety and respect for the law are essential prerequisites for the development of the country" - said Carlo Bagnasco, CEO of Energetic Source, during his speech - "For those, like myself, that do business and contribute to the economic growth of the country these objectives are definitely the priority. "

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