Energetic Source’s 2015 Sustainability Report is online

13/10/2016 03:27:00 | News

Energetic Source's CSR in the 2015 Sustainability Report is online

Energetic Source’s Corporate Social Responsability is the result of a daily diligence and strongly desired and contained in the Sustainability Report that summarizes the main activities:

  • Combine economic success with social development.
  • Distribuiting welfare and attention to the disadvantaged section of our society.
  • Taking care of youth, sport, culture and education.
  • Improving the environment around us, where the man is in the centre and reconciles development and progress with the respect of the nature.

These are some main points of the strategy that Energetic Source has decided to adopt and the Document, written with the support of the Ernst & Young’s italian Climate Change and Sustainability Services, confirms the choises during last few years by the Group. Further evidence of the responsibility has been assumed towards our community and our stakeholders.

For us of Energetic Source the Sustainability Report is an open communication to everyone to say who we are, what we do and how we do it.

You can download the italian version of the Energetic Source’s Sustainability Report in the "Sustainability" section found on the homepage of the site: www.energeticsource.com  or click here


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