13/04/2016 11:49:00 | News

Exactly a year ago it was launched the project of "Centro Servizi" at the Bollate Prison.

It's already been a year since the launch of the "Centro Servizi" project by Energetic Source in collaboration with the social cooperative bee4 within the Bollate Prison. Since last April 13, in fact, the draft labor and social rehabilitation, see today involved 12 inmates and three former detainees in data entry, document validation, provision of information to customers and inclusion of self-readings.

After a period of training and testing the "Centro Servizi Energetic Source" it became operational in all respects the flow amount of work completed continues to grow and the 'goal is to get to 23 units. Carlo Bagnasco is certain that "this experience will give new job opportunities for those who will leave the prison, thanks to a training background and skills more."

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